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The Oakville condo rental market is very active. Alot of people looking for the right condo have difficulty in getting current listings before they are already rented . The problem is that once listings are distributed on the internet everyone looking for a condo rental will have an opportunity to make an offer. The Oakville Condos Team will update you daily with new listings in real time before they are distributed to realtor.ca. This makes you among the first people to know about what is available.

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If You Meet The Following Minimum Requirements, The Oakville Condos Team Would Be More Than Happy To Assist You

  • Minimum $1700 Monthly Rent
  • Verifiable Employment Or Income
  • Fair To Excellent Credit
  • References Available Upon Request
  • No Pets

Benefits Of Working With The Oakville Condos Team

We Believe That Working With The Oakville Condos Team Is Probably The Most Effective Way To Find The Right Condo For Rent. Why Waste Your Time With Outdated Or Incomplete Listing Information Or Agent Websites That All Have Duplicate Listings From One Another. We Will Provide You With The Newest Most Relevant MLS Condo Rentals The Instant They Go On The Market. This Will Allow Us To Help You Get all The Information You Need To Make An Offer To Lease In An Efficient Manner. We Can Only Work With A Limited Number Of Clients At Any Given Time Due To The Demands Of The Current Market.

New Rental Listings In Your Inbox Every Day

Once you have activated your account you will have access to new condo listings in the Oakville real estate market. Timing is everything when trying to find a quality rental within your monthly budget. We can help you get new listings the instant they’re listed on the market. In fact, you’ll get new listings even before the general public.

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