Nestled just outside of Toronto, Oakville is a picturesque city that contains all the modern conveniences of urban life without all the noise, pollution, traffic or other disturbances that large cities can bring. An ideal place to create roots, Oakville is home to a number of cultural attractions and events so there’s always something to do. Here are just a few suggestions of things to do and see in Oakville.

Shopping and Restaurants

Oakville is known for its boutique shopping district, which features stores owned by a number of local artisans and designers. There are also a number of galleries in the city. Enjoy the historic, architecturally preserved restaurants and storefronts in downtown Oakville. These beautiful buildings house a number of shops as well as cuisine from all over the world.

Natural Wonders

Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, Oakville is surrounded by beautiful natural views. Oakville contains a number of parks, trails, golf courses, gardens, and a stunning waterfront. Enjoy the water by Oakville Harbour or Bronte Harbour, both beautifully restored historical landmarks. Be sure to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens, located a short drive away in Burlington.

Events and Festivals

Oakville is a hub of activity no matter the season. During the summer, enjoy the sounds of the Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival or spend the day with your family at the Oakville Children’s Festival. There are also a series of spring and winter festivals, including the Bronte Provincial Park’s Maple Syrup Festival in March.

In recent years, Oakville has become one of the most vibrant cities in Ontario. It’s easy to see why more and more people are moving to this friendly, naturally beautiful and culturally rich city. If you’re thinking about finding a home in Oakville, the experienced and professional team at Oakville Condos can help you find a condo that’s right for you. Whether you’re renting or buying, we can help you find the perfect place at the right value. For more information about our real estate services, contact us and start looking at condos in Oakville today!